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Where would the world be without literature?


This is a question we do not like to ask ourselves. From documenting facts to sharing the most creative fiction. Books have always been the cornerstone, nay the foundation, of our society. When our company was founded, we had no doubt about the type of books we wanted to publish and release into the world. Children's literature has to be the foundation of all literature. We all remember our first few books growing up and how they helped to shape us and guide us. 


The world is heading down a continously widening technological pathway, yet books and the written word remain just as important as ever. As adults, people are able to share their favourite books as a youngster with their children. Meaning that authors such as Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl will retain their immortality for the foreseeable future. Arguably, adults are enjoying children's books as much as the children themselves. School learning is focussed on literature and rightly so.


We would love to uncover the next Harry Potter series - a collection of books which captured the imagination of 99.9%* of the world's population. We are proud to represent first-time authors as well as established veterans.


*approximate guess


Why are illustrations important to a children's book?


An excellent question. A simple answer.  

It is said that a picture can tell a thousand words, and with the correct illustrator, a drawing or sketch can bring a story to life in a child's mind. Sir Quentin Blake is synonymous with children's literature as illustrator for Roald Dahl, bringing characters such as The BFG and Matilda to life. In our humble opinion, every children's book requires pictures. For shorter books aimed at younger children, pictures keep the child interested and involved while pictures in a longer book break up the text and really help children to live the story.




What other means are important?


At Upbury Press, we do not stop at the written word accompanied with pictures. All of our books are also available in audiobook format. With a talented narrator, children can really get lost in the story - complete with voices for different characters and the choice to read alongside with a paperback or digital copy. What better way to begin a child's reading journey than with their favourite book brought to life by a professional. 


       Fluffy The Magic Peguin Series

Fluffy Hugs

This unique book tells the story of how Fluffy discovers his powers and how he begins to use them to help everyone that he can. Fluffy even meets Santa Claus! This book carries a message that helping others brings its reward.




Minty Visits

Second in the series, this book sees Fluffy bring Minty the polar bear home to meet his family. But Fluffy loses his magic and must ask an old friend for help. The sequel has a message of asking for help when needed.




Santa's Gift

Fluffy gives his magic away to a weasel, against his cousin's better judgement. When the weasel threatens to ruin Christmas for everyone, Fluffy has a decision to make. This book has a strong message of avoiding prejudice.



              Who Stole The Pie?

Daisy Fields is pleased to welcome you into the world of Mackey and Red. Join them on their Mini Mysteries where your child can play sleuth through Mackey and Red’s eyes, discovering clues and solving their 'Mini Mysteries’. Learn, Live and Love the inquisitive pair.

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