Fluffy Hugs:

Fluffy The Magic Penguin Book 1

The Making of Fluffy

Fluffy Hugs was the name of a painting first and foremost. It is a beautiful painting by Christopher Norman, depicting a baby penguin in the snow with wings outstretched - as if offering a hug. The painting then became a best-selling Christmas card with Rochester Cards. It was at this point that it was brought to the attention of Upbury Press and the painting was commissioned to Richard Dodd; after a deal was brokered between Rochester Cards and Upbury Press.


Richard Dodd then adapted the painting into a wonderful tale full of magic. The title remained the same and Fluffy the Magic Penguin was born under Upbury Press' proud leadership

The unique position of author and artist being best friends made negotiations very simple and the creative pair were able to work impeccably side by side perfecting the text and its illustrations. The contract was drawn up and a series was suggested and approved by all involved very quickly. As a publishing company, Upbury Press are extremely proud to have given this product life. 

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