Minty Visits:

Fluffy The Magic Penguin Book 2

The sequel's title, Minty Visits, was chosen by author, Richard Dodd and agreed on with the artist, Christopher Norman. Several meetings had taken place before settling on a title with all parties involved in planning the second instalment in Fluffy's universe. Both author and artist agreed that a polar bear cub added a new dimension and another layer of cuteness to the series.


Christopher then got to work on the painting, choosing the moment in which Minty arrives at his new friend's home. Another incredible painting means another fantastic front cover, cementing everyone's belief in Christopher's work. He truly is a perfectionist and this really shows through in all of his paintings.





Over the course of the story, another of Fluffy's friends makes a reappearance, as Ringo is on hand to help Fluffy find the Magic Fairy whom he believes can restore Fluffy's magic for him. This one is a slightly darker story than the first, but with an equally strong message. This time the moral is one of self-belief, especially in times of trouble and hardship. 

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