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Richard has been writing for as long as he can remember. English was a subject he enjoyed in school as it just made sense to him. He loved to read and requested his own bedroom so that he could have a bookcase! His favourite childhood authors included, Enid Blyton, R. L. Stine, M. D. Spenser and Charles Dickens.


Characters, stories and even words he took in through all of those books have stayed with Richard for two decades. He firmly believes that books are integral in a person's upbringing and that those experiences will stay with them throughout their lives. In short, his values match those of this publishing company.


He can recall parts of those books in their entirety, from the tone of voice described by the author to certain scenes from The Famous Five or Secret Seven. Richard loves fiction and the idea of escaping and therefore creating an escape for a reader is the very reason he writes   

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Richard Dodd
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Disclaimer For Parents...this is a children's story, which may be scary for young children. Please check content before reading to your child. Thank you. Sock Monsters Socks always disappear, don’t they? Sometimes just one of the pair will vanish, never to be seen again. You ever wonder just where all your socks go? Hundreds of years ago, (no-one knows exactly how long) the first books were written about socks. There are books written about almost everything, but there lots and lots have been devoted to the pieces of fabric worn on a person’s feet. It seems that throughout history, people have always struggled to keep their socks safe. I have heard of very old books which had long passages about people trying in vain to protect their socks. Some used locks, others used heavy weights, yet more hid them in weird and wonderful places. Just one of these books has survived to this day. It is full of very strange stories, with drawings depicting little creatures running away with people’s socks. According to all of the different writers in the book, the stories are all completely true. Some of the stories are a lot more…far-fetched than others, but they are all crazy in their special own way. Many of the earlier writers blamed ghost-like beings for the disappearance of their socks right out of the bedrooms. The weird thing about the book (which I was lucky enough to see) is that towards the end, the drawings of the creatures all look the same. Earlier in the book; the authors could not agree what they looked like. As time went on, either they came to an agreement, or they were able to get a better idea of what exactly was stealing so many socks. The purpose of writing this essay is to inform you of what I know. There were several of these books, and I believe that there is now just one. I saw it, and my job is to report what I saw. The book offered eye-witness accounts of people awakened in the dead of night by strange noises. Some described the pattering of feet, like those of a small child, but without a child. Others, a strange loud breathing in an otherwise empty room. More still, spoke of a scratching noise and of seeing tiny red fires moving around their bedroom, the “eyes of the creatures from Hell.” All the stories said that as soon as the witness attempted to turn a light, use a candle or a torch, the creature would disappear into thin air. Leaving behind a lingering smell of decay and a few less socks in the room. It is unclear what exactly these creatures (we will come to names shortly) wanted/needed socks for. What the expert writers do know is that socks were all that they seemed to be attracted to. They showed no interest in any other item of clothing or furniture. Nor did they present themselves as a danger to any person or domestic animal within the house. Names for the creatures differ throughout the books. I have been told many different ones. Those that I saw for myself, in the Surviving Book, include “Calcetín Robar” – which is Spanish, roughly translating to ‘sock stealer’ and “Nacht-Dieb” – which is German, meaning ‘night thief’. Personally, I like to call them Calcetín – which I believe is pronounced “Cal-sight-in”. Some wrote that the Calcetín steal the socks to use as sleeping bags to keep warm. With one writer claiming that “the Calcetín have large families – three to four hundred babies. Meaning that they need a lot of socks.” Suggesting that this is why every house in the world is missing some socks. I offer no opinion on this. At all. How you interpret this is up to you. For Parents By following the  link below, you can subscribe to Richard Dodd's Mailing List; where you will receive exclusive short stories, competitions, book giveaways and news about upcoming books! Richard Dodd is the author of the 'Fluffy the Magic Penguin' series. He also has another published children's book entitled 'The Secret  Passageway' which he co-wrote with stepson, Zack Corbin.  All books can be found on Amazon. 

Zack Corbin

Zack Corbin co-wrote The Secret Passageway at the tender age of five. He was in a Year One class in a school focussed on literature and Zack developed a real desire to have his name on the cover of a book. Normally unheard of at such a young age, Step-father Richard Dodd took Zack under his experienced writer's wing and turned his idea into a reality. Needless to say, Zack thrilled and this experience will stay with him forever.


Zack has a thirst for knowledge, he is inquistive and bright. He enjoys Lego and puzzles and helping his little brother. Zack loves dinosaurs, superheroes and of course, books.

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