Richard Dodd

Richard has been writing for as long as he can remember. English was a subject he enjoyed in school as it just made sense to him. He loved to read and requested his own bedroom so that he could have a bookcase! His favourite childhood authors included, Enid Blyton, R. L. Stine, M. D. Spenser and Charles Dickens.


Characters, stories and even words he took in through all of those books have stayed with Richard for two decades. He firmly believes that books are integral in a person's upbringing and that those experiences will stay with them throughout their lives. In short, his values match those of this publishing company.


He can recall parts of those books in their entirety, from the tone of voice described by the author to certain scenes from The Famous Five or Secret Seven. Richard loves fiction and the idea of escaping and therefore creating an escape for a reader is the very reason he writes   

Dennis Freeman

Dennis Freeman is a published American horror fiction writer. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and four children. Taking inspiration from Stephen King, among others, Dennis is a gifted storyteller with a talent for creating interesting characters. His stories aim to thrill, excite and scare his loyal readers.

Daisy Fields

Daisy fields is a children’s author with a passion for encouraging children’s inquisitive minds. Her books will allow your child to play the sleuth through Mackey and Red’s eyes, discovering clues and solving their Mini Mysteries. In her Magical Adventure series Mackey and Red will take your young one across the globe experiencing the wonders of different and new lands on their magical bike.

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