Peter of Neverland

2018 will bring with it the story of the Boy Who Never Grows Up. We at Upbury Press are delighted to announce that a new modern take on this wonderful, much-loved classic will be written by Richard Dodd. Everybody is excited to learn which direction the book will head in. It is early days in the making of this book, but we are all very keen to get a glimpse of this book and research has indicated that the public are excited also.


Peter Pan is very popular and Richard will need to be extra careful with the legend which Sir Barrie created. We can reveal a little secret about the upcoming book, especially for our fans, the story will be told from Tinker Bell's perspective and will include her relationships with Tiger Lily, Peter and Wendy.


Upbury Press is also delighted to announce a new partnership with Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The hospital was given the Rights to Peter Pan in 1929 and this was made concrete after Barrie's death in 1937. Sir Barrie made this amazing gesture and GOSH has been profiting from Peter Pan ever since. We are very proud to be able to announce our commitment to keep Barrie's wishes alive. As of September 2016, Upbury Press will be donating every month and on release of Peter Of Neverland, Great Ormond Street will receive at least 30% of all profits made from book sales, whether that be hardback, paperback, digital or audiobook.


The story of a special girl. 


Stacey is just 10 years old when she discovers her superpowers. Her life has not been much fun up to that point, and she leads a miserable home life. Her step-dad is mean to her and her mother does not do enough to prevent it and help her daughter.


At school, things are not much better, and Stacey has few real friends. She prefers to read alone, or doodle. She loves to draw and it is through her drawings that she realises her new powers and her awesome potential.


Stacey is a reluctant superhero as she does not want that kind of responsibility or attention. She also understands that fighting crime can put her family in danger. However, Stacey also learns that ignoring her powers is simply not an option. Meet Ultra-Girl in 2017. 

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