Upbury Press: Submitting Your Manuscript

Here at Upbury Press, we are happy to receive almost any work which falls under our umbrella of expertise. Therefore, if your work is aimed at children, please do send it into us. We accept submissions in any format and all we ask is for a short description of what your work is and the age group it is written for.


Whether your project is a picture book for babies, a fun book for pre-schoolers or a young adult novel, we will take a look and offer free advice, even if we do not pick up the project for ourselves.


At this time, we will accept unfinished projects as well as completed manuscripts. We ask for the first third of a completed book, unless it is a shorter project (less than 2500 words).  


If you have an unfinished project and are unsure of the direction you are heading in, or sending it in and receiving a little feedback would provide the boast you require, by all means email it to us and we will endeavor to get back to you in a timely fashion.


If you are as serious about being published as we are about publishing, get in touch today.

Send files to: submissions@upburypress.co.uk

Any queries or concerns?

Please use our contact form with any issues or questions.

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